PCB Design And Prototype Malaysia


Printed circuit board (PCB) is a sheet used to mechanically support and provide electrical connection to the electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces. This is done by etching copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. PCB is found in almost all electronic products such as smartphones, laptop, military weapons, airplane and even the satellite. There are 3 main types of PCB; the rigid boards, flexible boards and metal-core designs. The rigid boards are used widely, where the layout of the board is contained within a rigid substrate created from high heat and pressure lamination process. Flexible boards are made of less rigid material that is reminiscent of film rolls, which allows for far greater deflection.

PCB generally has two complementary functions. The first is to affix the electronic components in designated locations on the outer layer of the board by soldering them into place. PCB is also used to provide reliable electrical connections and open circuits between the component’s terminal in a controlled manner. This is referred as PCB design.

Engineers usually set up PCB prototypes to test the design ideas for a product before proceeding with mass production stage. One of the PCB prototypes are the visual models, which illustrate the physical aspects of the PCB designs and show the overall component structure and shape. Designers also make functional PCB prototypes which resemble the final product and provide the most accurate idea of the final design. PCB prototypes are useful in reducing the time and cost of the whole production and provide the ability to test and validate the product’s component individually. This enables the designing team to minimise errors like excessive input and design blind spots.


PCB Repair And Fabrication


PCBs also run into a variety of problems as the time goes on. PCB failures can stem from physical damage to the device or its internals, faulty components, trace damage and poor construction of the board. PCB repair services provides best solution for this issue. PCB repair services usually consist of coating, removing or replacing the traces and conductive pathways materials, complete disassembly of the board and soldering the connective points.

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