Wedding Photographer Malaysia

Wedding Photographer

As one of the top Malaysia wedding photographer , uses photographs to tell your real life story without manipulating its plot line, and we shoot from the shadows in order to capture candid, heartfelt moments. The result is truthful, natural photos of those crucial once-in-a-lifetime events.



At we see our studio as more than just a plain backdrop and lighting equipment; it’s a living stage where you and your loved ones gather together to share loving exchanges, joyous laughter and tears of happiness.

We want to showcase your love exactly how it is in the real world, which is why we aim to use soft, natural light and environments. We think this adds a romantic, magical touch that cannot be replicated with any amount of post-shoot editing; the results are beautiful and artistic photos you will cherish.

As photojournalists we’ll capture your most natural moments upon our stage and create lifelong memories of your family’s story. We want to capture the spirit of who you are; the stories behind your nicknames, the activities you do together and, most importantly, how your unique family story has evolved – and that is the insight we offer the family portrait package Malaysia


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