Water Treatment System Service Provider Malaysia

Water Treatment System In Malaysia

Organo (Asia) has over 27 years to in the water analysis and treatment industry, and provide ultra pure water system solutions to our customers which focusing in the Southeast Asia region. Up to date, we have built more than 100 water treatments systems (such as Demineralized Water System, Wastewater Treatment System, Ultra Pure Water System and more) in this region and not to mention systems modifications and expansions works.

Organo Asia is a one stop global industrial water treatment solution provider and evidence of our footprints is seen in countries around the world.

Ultra Pure Water treatment : ORGANO being the pioneer in Pure/Ultra Pure Water treatment, taking care of the RO membrane is one of our priorities. Orpersion Series of chemicals is designed to prevent scaling and to control microbiological growth in order to achieve optimum and cost-effective performance of the RO membrane as well as to prolong its life span. Orpersion Series of chemicals include Slime Control Agent (Orpersion E series) & Antiscalant (Orpersion G series)


Wastewater Treatment System : We have extensive experience in providing one-stop-solutions for wastewater treatment including process development, detailed design, construction and commissioning. We ensure our customers receive the best solutions that fulfill the project’s requirements.

For more information about water analysis and water treatment system, please visit http://www.organoasia.com

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