ERP software provider Malaysia

Microsoft ERP Malaysia

Advance Infosys is a Microsoft Certified Partner with Microsoft Business Solutions Competency in Malaysia. Advance Infosys specializes and delivers practical ERP system, our ERP implementations are carefully engineered to client’s exact business requirements. We served various industries that have unique and difficult business conditions and our clients’ satisfaction is an evident of our capability in meeting their demands.


Advance Infosys’ core value has always been its ability to value-add their services to the solutions they recommend to the clients. With Microsoft Business Solutions’ business model of appointing local partners to localize their solution to the local customers’ needs, this enables Advance Infosys to expand the solution by incorporating the required industry know-how functionalities into the standard solution. It is undeniable that with such flexibilities, Advance Infosys is ever ready to face the challenges both in the vertical and horizontal markets. We are keeping pace with a changing world.

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